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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Summer is winding down.  The heat in no indication, but the plants can tell.  The trees are turning.  The summer fruit is attracting flies, because no matter how we try we can't seem to eat it all.  The Naked Ladies are even starting to drop their petals. 

I'm a summer babe through and through, yet I am ready for the change.  I'm looking forward to (indoor) fires, and root vegetables.  I'm not rushing though.  I'm going to enjoy summer until the very last drop.  We are canning and making ice cream and making giant figs our main course for dinner.


Slice a ripe fig in half, stuff with soft cheese, such as fresh goat cheese, wrap with bacon, fry... EAT!  This is improved upon fig is a favorite summer snack, but we made some polenta and a salad and it became dinner. Voila!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Odd Bird

Our dear friends Odd Bird are (finally!!) having their album release party! We are so excited they invited us to be a part of the celebration.

We will have waffles and ice cream AND vegan waffle and sorbet available!

This event is not to be missed. You can buy advance tickets at The Last Record Store, or just show up Saturday. The North Bay Bohemian put it this way:

Odd Bird: Indigo children birth crystalline thought-poems and utopian hymns to godself.
Most high rock and rollers John Courage & the Great Plains, brilliant recluse Painted Animals and organ-jamming expatriates You Are Plural open minds; Born & Raised opens mouths.
Sep 3 at 7. $8-$10. 99 Sixth St, Santa Rosa. 707.528.3009.

See you Saturday!