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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Week Continues

Three nights a week I must work late, so Nick and I don't get to make dinner together. These are my least favorite nights. I especially look forward to Wednesday night dinner. I like breaking up the week, getting ingredients from the farmers market, having leftovers for lunch the next day, and spending the evening at home.
This last Wednesday we had to forgo our night a home to wine and dine at the amazing Zazu. My dad took Midori, Nick, and me out for a gastronomic birthday celebration. We ordered many little dishes and shared everything(my favorite way to eat), and it all started with their farm raised, house made salumi with fennel pollen. It is the best cured meat I have ever had. Although I didn't eat it for a good twenty years I have tried my darndest to make up for lost time, i.e. I have had a lot of amazing charcuterie as of late and this is the best.
After the salumi we ate amazing cheese, roasted peppers with Spanish almonds, a BLT salad, fried zucchini spears, pizza... as we were licking our plates we overheard the server mention a starter they had just added to the menu and we knew we had to make room for more. The last dish was mission figs stuffed with foie gras, wrapped in bacon, then broiled. It may have been our favorite part of the meal. Dessert was a flight of ice cream; we had a sample of all the menu had to offer (we ordered five and our server took it upon himself to wish me a happy birthday with two extra).
Thanks dad, dinner was incredible!
Wednesday night Chelsea came up for an extended stay in our messy guest room (my mess, I didn't want to birthday clean). It has been so nice to have a full house. This weekend we are all getting ready to finally close my birthday week on Sunday with a backyard brunch. I went to the farmers market this morning to buy eggs and 8 lbs. of potatoes! Yum!

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