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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art of the Tart

We love pizza. We eat it once every two weeks, maybe once a week. We usually decide Tuesday night to have pizza on Wednesday. Nick makes the pizza dough Tuesday, and then I go to the farmers market Wednesday morning for toppings. The only problem with having pizza for dinner, is we need a day for the dough, so it is not exactly something you can trow together day of (I suppose you can, but I wouldn't want to mess with Nick's dough for an inferior product).
We didn't make any dough Tuesday, but we were hankering for pizza so I decided to make a few savory tarts, the flaky cousin of the pizza. Tart dough is easy as pie (forgive me), and it only needs an hour to rest. This dough was two cups of flour, a stick of butter, salt, and a little water to bring it all together.
We have many happy squashes in the garden, we have been using them in every meal.
Our tomatoes are still green, but a friend left a bunch of sweet delicious grape tomatoes at the bookstore, I was eager to use. Squash, tomato, garlic, and feta on the first tart.
On the second tart I thinly sliced a potato and an onion, fresh garlic, and feta. I brushed both with a fresh egg, and decided to only turn the sides up on one, but I recommend turning up the sides.
Bake for 40 minuets...

I piled the tomato squash tart with fresh spinach before we cut into it.
Both were delicious, simple, and filling. A fine substitute for pizza night.

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