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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love the South. At least I think I love the South, I have spent very little time there, but I would like to spend a lot more. Last summer my dear friend Chelsea and I went to Tennessee for a week, we realized the sweet Southern summer on a drive to Chattanooga, and a swim in the river. Later on our way to a cabin in the beautiful Smoky Mountains we stopped at a farmers market for green tomatoes, honey, and Amish butter for frying.
Chelsea and I had made fried green tomatoes before, we made it up as we went along, they were wonderful, and we were looking forward to making them again, in the South, like Jessica Tandy. Traditionally, to make fried green tomatoes you are supposed to bread your tomatoes with cornmeal, which we did, however apparently we used the wrong kind of cornmeal, because we were nearly breaking our teeth with each bite. Our tomatoes were awful, but we were enjoying them on the porch with thousands of fireflies, so it wasn't that bad.
I always fantasize about the South in the summer, maybe because I've only been to the South in the summer, and because that is the way I romanticize it.
I made fried green tomatoes this weekend, my way, and they were amazing.
I was thinking a lot about the movie Fried Green Tomatoes so I really wanted to incorporate honey into the dinner. I decided I would caramelize some onions in honey. We always get honey from Hector the Honey Man (and we go through it very fast), although someday I hope to be a bee charmer myself.

I made mashed potatoes with truffle butter, to accompany the caramelized onions. I use truffle butter on everything, but I really love the flavors of honey and truffle together.

Rather than cornmeal, I used bread crumbs. I sliced the tomatoes, salt them, coat in flour, then an egg/milk mixture, and then breadcrumbs.
Fry until golden.
I've only had corn a few times this summer, and nothing makes a meal seem like a summertime meal, like sweet corn on the cob.
I threw some broccoli rabe on to the plate as well, because I have a guilty conscience if I serve a dinner without any green on the plate.
Success! Dinner was amazing, although it tasted decidedly Northern California rather than Whistle Stop, Alabama, and that's OK. After dinner we got cozy and watched Fried Green Tomatoes.


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