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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Screaming Ice Cream

As I mentioned in the last post- we were asked to make food for an event, which took place last night. I made two kinds of ice cream, lemon and apricot pistachio, as well as two sorbets, plum and chocolate coconut. The ice cream was amazing, the venue unfortunately was not.

The show was primarily made up of high schoolers and early twenty-somethings, young folks who spent their money on the cover and had some left over to buy cheap beer or cigarettes (god bless 'em, we were there once too). We are looking for folks who would gladly shell out to watch their friends’ band play with some money left over for a locally sourced, handmade snack.

We are torn between doing every gig we are asked to be at in order to have a presence, or only do gigs we want to do, where we will be received by our target audience.

Nick and I decided at this point we simply can’t afford to work every gig. We certainly don’t expect to make money on our little ventures, but we would like to break even, and most importantly be well received.
On that note, the friends who did buy scoops were very pleased and impressed, which I suppose means our night was a success.

Until next time!

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