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Saturday, August 7, 2010


I guess we are not off to a very good start, as we have not posted in a week.
Trust me we have been eating, cooking and gardening... only the latter two have fallen to me for now as Nick broke his right collar bone so he cannot contribute the way he normally does, in face he cant do much without hurting and typing left handed takes forever...
I just have not been able to keep up on my own, especially right now because I am getting ready for a show where we will be selling scoops of my homemade ice cream.
Nick and I have made and sold Banh Mi sandwiches for a few local events now and we were very successful . We have always sold out, and people seem to really love them! After our last event (a local craft fair) we were asked to make food for an upcoming art and music show. We decided to make ice cream because the show was after dinner time.
Nick's broken bone is not slowing us down, just making us work a little longer and harder (we only have three arms after all).
I am making two ice creams, lemon and apricot pistachio, and two sorbets, plum and chocolate coconut.
I promise next week there will be many posts! Stay tuned.

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